Heimatmuseum Oberstdorf

Geschichte, Brauchtum, Handwerk, Kunst, Sport und Leben im Bergdorf Oberstdorf


87561 Oberstdorf, Oststr. 13 * Telefon: (08322) 5470 / 2226 / 2218 * Kontaktformular
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The most important information about our museum

Our local history museum is located in an old 17th century “Oberstdorf House”. Luckily neither the Great Fire of 1865 nor the 1970ies mania to modernize harmed the building which enabled it to retain its original authenticity. In 1932 the historic rooms were converted into a museum which since then has been extended continuously.

Today 38 rooms let you find out whatever you may be interested in or would like to know about Oberstdorf and its past.
you will get an idea

  • how the utterly destitute inhabitants of our mountain village made their living in the 19th century and how they managed to survive,
  • how strenuous mountain farm work was for our ancestors
  • how poor shepherd boys became highly acknowledged mountain guides thus founding and developing modern alpinism
  • how daredevils for the first time climbed up the mountains in winter using skies from Norway und so established winter sports in our area
  • how Prince Regent Luitpold’s hunting passion boosted tourism
  • how shoemaker Josef Schratt made the biggest shoe of the world in 1950
  • how cheese was made by hand in an original alpine dairy kitchen and
  • why the old customs and traditions like “Klausentreiben” and the “Wilde-Männle-Dance” have been kept alive until today

Enjoy the journey through the history of our mountain village. 

700 square meters of exhibition area have something interesting to offer for everybody.

Vielen Dank an Frau Elisabeth v. Forstner für die Übersetzung



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